How to prove that There is a God?


The question as to whether there is a God or not can only be answered properly when we will be able to settle the matter regarding the age of our universe. Either our universe is infinitely old, in which case we will have to assume that it was always there. Or we will have to assume that it is not so old; rather it began to exist merely 13.8 billion years ago. Scientist Paul Davies in an article “Is the Universe a Free Lunch?” has explained very nicely as to why our universe cannot be infinitely old and that why it should have had a beginning:

Some people dislike the notion that the Universe had a beginning. Why can’t it have existed for ever? The answer is simple. There are many physical processes that are irreversible; if the Universe were infinitely old, these processes would all have run their course. The Universe would already have reached its final state.

“An example will make this clear. The Sun cannot keep burning for ever. After a few billion years it will run out of fuel and die. So, too, will all stars. Though new stars are still forming, the stock of raw material is finite, and eventually it will be exhausted. So if the present state of the Universe cannot endure for eternity, it cannot have existed for eternity.1

As the universe has a beginning, so the next question that will naturally come to our mind will be this: What was there before the beginning of the universe? Was there anything at all? Or, was there absolutely nothing?

So our query as to whether there is a God or not has ultimately brought us here: now we will have to seek an answer to the question as to what was there before the beginning of the universe. Let us suppose that before the beginning there was nothing. Now what is nothing? Nothing means non-existence of everything. If nothing is non-existence of everything, then we can further ask the following question: can non-existence of everything have any existence? If we say yes, then in that case nothing will not be proper nothing at all. This is because we have already seen that nothing means non-existence of everything. But if non-existence of everything exists, then in that case at least one thing will exist, namely non-existence of everything. If at least one thing exists, then how can it be proper nothing, because we already know that nothing is non-existence of everything? So for nothing to be proper nothing, this non-existence of everything must not have any existence. That means nothing can only be proper nothing by not existing at all. That will further mean that only something can exist and not nothing. So we arrive at the conclusion that before the beginning of the universe there was something, and not nothing, from which our universe has originated. If the universe has originated from something, then that will mean that before the origin of the universe there was nothing else other than that something: no space, no time, no matter and no energy. Space, time, matter and energy came into being only after the origin of the universe from that something. That means the initial something was neither in any space nor in any time. Being neither in space nor in time it will thus be spaceless and timeless. Being spaceless and timeless it will also be changeless, immortal, all-pervading, one, unborn, uncreated, without any beginning, without an end, everlasting and non-composite.2 Whether one will call this something God or not is purely her discretion. But one thing we should not forget here: we have arrived at this conclusion simply because we have found that our universe cannot be infinitely old and also because we have found that the existence of nothing is self-contradictory.

Our contention that before the beginning of the universe there was no space and no time is also supported by the following fact: Cosmologists say that the universe is expanding. But when it is asked what it is expanding into, we usually get the answer that it is not expanding into anything, because it is not embedded into any higher space-time.

The question why existence of nothing is self-contradictory has been elaborately discussed here3 and here4 by Peter Sas.




2 thoughts on “How to prove that There is a God?”

  1. The Bible starts off by saying, “In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the earth.” In the Hebrew, the word for create is ברא or “ba-RAH.” This is translated into English as “created,” but lose something in the translation, as usual.

    So, the question is simply this, “Do we believe the Word of God, which has never been proven as wrong?” The over 360 prophesies in the Bible about the coming of the Messiah, proves God’s Word to be correct, perfect, actually.

    Another question, with a very simple and profound answer is this, “Why not believe in God, if He proved his Word to be totally correct and inerrant?” The answer is simple: people do not want to keep God’s rules; they want to do it their way instead of his. By doing so, we reject a loving and forgiving God who says, through his Son Jesus Christ, to love and forgive your enemies. God tells us to do what He tells us to, as a loving Father would his children. When we reject his perfect ways, we fall into hatred, killing, and it’s all about me and not anyone else.

    When they took God out of school and government, Satan was glad to come in and fill that void. So the question now is this, do you want God, peace, forgiveness, love, compassion, caring, blessings, OR do you want hatred, killing, unforgiveness, not caring about anyone but YOU, and generational curses, war, poverty, and Satan ruling the earth and your life?

    I made the choice, as a Jew, forty three years ago, to accept Jesus as my Lord and my Savior. I see miracles all the time. I lay hands on people and pray to God to heal them, through the power of the Holy Spirit, not me, and they are healed. I live to help others. God has given me everything I could possibly want and need. Now, it’s my time to give back. I minister in prison, in nursing homes, and on the street. I help the homeless get housing and benefits. I help the addicted to get help so they can live a normal and godly life. I use my talents for the good of others. I am so thankful for all that God has blessed me with. I just can’t do enough to help others, because I have it all. Besides all that, I am guaranteed eternal life, in Heaven, with my Lord and my God. He has healed me of four ruptured disks in my back. He lives in me, and I in Him. What a deal! You just can’t beat it!

    What do YOU get from your life? Have you turned your life over to God and Jesus, or have you turned your life over to Satan? You see, it’s one or the other. There is no middle ground.

    Be blessed my dear friends. Please give God a thought and experience the ride of a lifetime, here and now, and for all eternity, with, yes, with the God who created it all, from nothing, the God who is eternal. Shalom and peace to YOU!


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