A Critique Of My article: A Fundamental Flaw

Grouchy Oldman has thus critiqued my article ‘A Fundamental Flaw In the Thesis: A Universe From Nothing’:

The Law of Matter-Energy Conservation requires that the sum total of matter and energy (one is convertible to the other) in the Universe remain constant. The total amount of energy (or matter) may increase of decrease, but it is compensated by the conversion of matter to energy or vice-versa. There is no equivalent Law of Conservation of Space and Time. For one thing, time flows in one direction only. For another, “space” is not a “thing” like matter and energy are. In Newton’s time, continuing until Einstein, “space” was thought of as a stand-alone entity. “Space” is no longer thought to be a physical place that pre-existed the Big Bang; it is now thought that “space” was created by the Big Bang. “Space” is not thought of nowadays as a place you could stand to watch the Big Bang. The current (widely accepted) theory is that the “universe” started out as an unimaginably tiny particle, and that immediately after the Big Bang, the universe (still extremely tiny) underwent an extremely rapid expansion, known as “cosmic inflation”, during which the size of the very early Universe increased trillions of times in a trillionth of a second. Nobody had to “create” the space occupied by the expanding Universe, and “space” was not taken from someplace else, because there was no place else. “Space” is the distance or volume between the objects in the cosmos. The universe does not expand because somebody is creating “more space” for the planets and stars to accelerate away from each other. As the galaxies move further and further apart (which we know they do), more space is “created” between them.

This is how I have answered him:

I know very well that there is no Law of Conservation of Space and Time. But I also know that general theory of relativity has shown that space, time and matter are so interlinked that there cannot be any space and time without matter. Similarly there cannot be any matter without space and time. Even there is a famous saying of Einstein on this: ” When forced to summarize the general theory of relativity in one sentence: Time and space and gravitation have no separate existence from matter”. Scientists have proposed that the universe has originated from nothing simply because they have found that the total energy of the universe is zero. Actually it is their trump card. If this energy were not zero, then they would never have proposed such a theory. Total energy being zero, total matter will also be zero due to matter-energy equivalence. Total matter being zero, total space-time should also be zero, because general theory says that there cannot be any space and time without matter. That is why my question is: how does the total space-time of an ever-expanding universe always remain zero?


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