Something or Someone must exist Beyond Space-time

There is good reason to believe that something or someone exists beyond space-time. Whatever exists within space-time is contingent upon space-time for its existence. If space-time is gone, then everything within space-time will also be gone. So it cannot acquire any property or characteristic either from space-time itself or from anything within space-time that will make space-time itself non-existent, because by that process it will cause its own demise. This is simple common sense. Our existence is contingent upon the existence of earth; so if we destroy the earth, we will also be destroyed.
Now light originates within space-time; that means the existence of light is contingent upon the existence of space-time. So in case of light also the above will be true; light cannot acquire any property or properties either from space-time itself or from anything within space-time that will make space-time non-existent for it. But from SR we see that time totally stops for light and that even infinite distance becomes zero for it. That means space and time become non-existent for light. Therefore due to the reason given above we can say that light must have received these two properties from someone or something whose existence is not contingent upon the existence of space-time and whose existence will not be affected in any way even when space-time is gone.


3 thoughts on “Something or Someone must exist Beyond Space-time”

  1. some or something not- there is our creator Allah SWT.
    the big bang.

    Previously it was thought that universe is eternal and is in existence since ever, this supposition had problems with it,
    1 – There would not have been places with extremely high and low temperatures and densities like stars {high} and interstellar matter {low} and there would be equal density and temperature due to thermal and pressure equilibrium.
    2 – The other problem was presence of radioactive material that decay at regular rate e.g. uranium. Which should not be there had universe been since forever.
    Then came Edwin Hubble’s discovery that universe is expanding, this discovery meant that all the galaxies had to be joined together in past and something happened that they are moving away from each other at a proper rate.
    By 1965 some scientists were up promoting a theory – Big Bang, which said universe was created in an explosion. Scientists knew if there was ever such an explosion, it must have created radiation, and there was a way to calculate it! Scientists calculated by the proportion of helium created in universe {20%} how intense the background radiation was early in history of universe and as it expanded the radiation must have become weak {because such a long time had passed} and be at a temperature which is just above absolute zero {-273`}, weak to be sure but easily detectable. Much like a box filled with gas at high pressure, if the box expanded pressure of gas will decrease. {Equivalent of pressure for radiation is temperature in this context}.
    The balance tilted completely in favor of big bang in 1965; in 1964 Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson tuning their radio telescope at microwave frequency accidently heard a faint hiss coming from all the directions in space, which left them puzzled. They had actually accidentally measured the temperature of the universe just as it was demanded, they had discovered the cosmic radiation that is all over universe and is a distant cosmic echo of the big bang itself !!
    Then came the death blow in 1965 to those opposed to Big Bang, Roger Penrose explained how a star can collapse under its own gravity to form a black hole and it was Stephen Hawking who realized that by reversing the theorem and applying it to the universe big bang gets proved once n for all. “The final result was a joint paper by Penrose and myself in 1970 which at last proved big bang…there was opposition to our work by Russians, partly because of their Marxist belief in scientific determinism…however one can’t really argue with a mathematical theorem.” – Stephen Hawking, Brief History of Time.
    Today the scientists have calculated even when it happened-13.7 billion years ago. Finally on 9th march 2004 Hubble’s space telescope which is orbiting the earth in space sent back some unbelievable pictures, quoting a scientist on those pictures-“scattering of jewels on black velvet, but in fact some 10,000 galaxies crammed into a section of sky about 1/10 the size of full moon!!!” these are titled the pictures of baby universe. {Some may ask how can we take pictures of past?? The thing is, if we look at a star 4 light yrs away [one light year is distance traveled by light in one year] then we are looking at the star as it was 4 yrs ago and what it is now we will see it 4 yrs later, its light that we see right???, so if we see at a point 13.7 billion light yrs away we are actually seeing how it was 13.7 billion yrs ago and not how it is now}

    The giant book of facts {pg 8} define big bang as – “all space n matter was once concentrated into a super blob which for some unknown reason flew apart in an immense explosion known as big bang”

    Big bang is a fact, a 20th century fact with still an unsolved question why did it explode? Well not so, even that gets answered if we look at a 7th century fact poured out of a true Prophet’s mouth, saying God informs him to inform the creatures that how He created the universe –
    Quran {21:30}- “Do not the unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together {as one unit of creation} before we clove them asunder ???”
    Now compare the 2 definitions to be sure –
    Quran {21:30} Giant book of facts
    Do not the unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together All space and matter was once concentrated into a super dense blob

    And We Which for some unknown reason

    Clove it asunder Flew apart in an immense explosion.

    Moreover the verse goes on to say “and what We created every living thing out of water, will they still not believe?” which is nothing but the truth that every living thing is made of water, we humans are 70% water.
    When I discovered it I questioned how could a book written 1,400 yrs ago have this information? Not until as it claims is a revelation from God Himself! Glory be to God the creator of the heavens and the earth.


  2. The first law of thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. It follows logically and inescapably from this that what cannot be created requires no creator. Period. This is just a brute fact of physics. Arguing that something exists prior to existence is itself non sensical.


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