Does God Exist if God is neither in Space nor in Time?

About God it is usually said that he/she/it is spaceless and timeless, that he/she/it is beyond space and time, that he/she/it is outside of space and time and that he/she/it is neither in space nor in time. What does all this actually mean? Does it mean that God does not exist? Actually many atheists think so. Some of them have expressed their doubt in this way:

1) Nothing can exist for zero time in zero space;

2) God is nowhere, because God occupies no space. God is never, because God occupies no time. Thus, God does not exist;

3) If someone says that God exists outside of space and time, then that will mean that God never existed in anywhere;

4) Nothing can exist outside time and space;

5) There is no difference between a God that existed for zero time and a God that never existed. Outside time implies zero time;

6) A God that exists outside time cannot interact with stuff inside time;

7) Where was God 5 minutes before he created time and space?

These are some of the comments I have randomly picked up from various YouTube comment sections. So there is a real confusion here. For God to exist, he/she/it must have to be in some space and time, otherwise we cannot say that God exists. This confusion is to be cleared.

Let us suppose that there is a very big hall and that in that hall a balloon is floating. Inside the balloon there are some tiny balloons floating within the space available inside the balloon. The balloon has one peculiar property, it can automatically expand itself. As the balloon expands, the space available within the hall for its movement reduces gradually. Now let us suppose that the balloon expands so much that it fills up the entire space of the hall. So now it will fail to make any movement, because there is no more space left for it inside the hall for making any such movement. So we can now say that the balloon has become spaceless. As the balloon has become spaceless, so it will become timeless also, because time is nothing but sequence of events. When the balloon was smaller in size and when it was possible for it to make movement within the hall, there was sequence of events for it. Earlier it was at some place and later it was at another place, because it was moving continuously within the hall. So there was a moment that was earlier than the present moment and subsequently there was a moment that was later than the present moment. In this way time was generated for it. But when it occupies the entire space of the hall, there will be no time for it, because for it there will be no more movement and thus there will be no before and no after. In this way the balloon will be spaceless and timeless. But does that mean the balloon does not exist? Does that mean the balloon exists in no space for no time? No, it exists in all space for all time. It exists for all time, because being spaceless it has become timeless also and therefore there can never be any next moment for it and thus it can never cease to be.

Now what about the tiny balloons that were floating inside the bigger balloon? As the bigger balloon occupies the entire space of the hall now, so now they will have entire space of the hall for their movement. So for them there will be sufficient space for making movement and as a consequence there will be time as well for them, although for the bigger balloon there will be neither any space nor any time for making any movement. But for that reason we cannot say that the bigger balloon does not exist.

Now let us suppose that the hall is as big as the universe and that God occupies the entire space of the universe. So God will be spaceless and timeless for the reasons given above, but for these reasons we cannot say that God does not exist. Rather we will have to say that God exists in all space for all time.

To be in space-time means to be in water like a fish. To be in space-time means you will be immersed in space-time; space-time will be above you, beyond you, surrounding you. In that sense God cannot be in any space-time, because there can never be anything outside God.



One thought on “Does God Exist if God is neither in Space nor in Time?”

  1. Incomplete information always makes wrong decision. Like you many people thinks that way, The problem is time is a sequence of three dimensional space. That’s how four dimensional time space universe.
    If you think wall of your hall room is represent end of space than that can be true. if there is a end of space than nothing can reach in there. Because if there were a big bang than nothing can go faster than light except empty space. Because empty space is nothing itself. so there will be no boundary for anything that exist (like matter or particle).
    For sake of argument if we think there is a boundary of space and something reached there then what will happen. would time will stop? No, Time is not a physical thing. and that’s why it do not take space for passing through.


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