Biggest Blunder Committed by Science

I think the biggest blunder science has committed is this: it has shown how it is possible to be spaceless and timeless. Why? This is because when theists bring their God in the picture at all, they bring him in as the creator of the universe, not as a mere observer. As universe primarily means its space, time, matter and energy, so God as the supposed creator of the universe is the creator of space, time, matter and energy. That means before creation by God there cannot be any space, time, matter and energy. That will further mean the creator God can never be in any space and time and neither can the creator God contain any matter or energy. That is why creator of the universe will always necessarily have to be spaceless, timeless and immaterial; it can never be otherwise. So once scientists have shown how it is possible to be spaceless and timeless, they will no longer be able to convince us that this spaceless and timeless God cannot exist. All their efforts will be futile and all their arguments against this creator God will fall on deaf ears only.


One thought on “Biggest Blunder Committed by Science”

  1. Although time is measured only unto man, yet events link in a system of connected networks. These networks best understand by individual elements. And photons best explained by both speed and energy, light to the eyes, The momentum of life, as rivers and the directions of intention as winds, one can wind and wind and best find peace where holiness begins. The purifying of conscience to action. The morality of decision and response. The value of identifying points and seeing with one’s own eyes. Nihilism, as you seem to mention in other terms, a very palpable reality that stands above all others.


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